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What is Encounter?
  • Think of it an Amazing Race/scavenger hunt/geocaching style game right here in Canada.

    Your team of 1-10 people will accomplish tasks around the city or Online.
  • You will receive cryptic messages on your smartphone or tablet/laptop. Once you solve the puzzle it will lead you to specially marked locations.

    When you get there you must accomplish a task to find a hidden code.

    You will need to be clever and work together as a team to outwit and outsmart your opponents.
  • Once you have uncovered the code you will enter in on our gamesite and you will be provided with your next message.

    Be warned! Same tasks are very tricky.

    You'll need to proceed carefully but quickly.
  • Encounter offers many different gamestyles. In addition to Combat we are offering the following: Points, Photoextreme, Brainstorm, Family Encounter, EN Online and many more.
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